Application to Graduate (IT - Enterprise Systems)

Application to Graduate (IT - Enterprise Systems)

To apply to graduate with the Certificate in Information Technology for IEPs students must:

1) Submit an Application to Graduate Form (online) by the deadline specified in the email you received from the IEP office.

2) You must have completed IEP certificate requirements: 24 credits under Foundations (section A), Specialized courses (section B) and Elective courses (section C).

3) At the point of application to graduate, have a minimum overall GPA of 4.0 (C).

4) Students must satisfy the certificate residency rule (18 credits taken at York).

5) It is the University’s policy to use the full legal registered names of students, as listed on the Student Information Systems, on the diploma. Any requests to change a name, by means of alteration or deletion, substitution or addition, must be requested through the Registrar's Office by filling this form and submitting it to the first floor lobby of the Bennet Centre for Student Services (Registrar's Office):